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The E6 motorway goes all the way up to Kirkenes, in the far north of Scandinavia, where Norway meets Russia. But travellers who turn off at Kragenäs, in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast, and follow the road over two bridges, end up at Resö instead. Resö is a fi shing village that refused to die and became a tourist destination. Here you can sit on the veranda of the boarding house by the sea and have a beer. And when you look out across the archipelago, you can easily get an idea for a chair. One that juxtaposes the soft and graceful lines of steel with the sturdy load-bearing ability of fabric. A chair that can be varied without becoming indistinct; a chair that is social and happiest in a group. So then you just leave the veranda, go home and design your chair. Those who do not take the Resö turning, have another 1,600 km before they reach Kirkenes. On the way, they pass Narvik, the harbour from where Kiruna’s iron ore is shipped to become steel. The circle closes, even if you are still in Bohuslän.

A dining series in steel and fabric: Available as standard in white and graphite, but also available to order in a variety of colours.

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